Charming Floral Designs for Enchanting Weddings
With years of experience and a lifelong love for the blooming, Kim's business has blossomed and fashioned the finest floral designs for hundreds of weddings, intimate engagements and corporate events.

With stunning fresh flowers and an irresistable sense of style, Kim is dedicated to providing personalized service with incomparable results that will exceed expectations.

Kim's in-house design studio holds a treasure trove of unique glassware, crystals, and candle ware to create an unforgetable ambiance that will dazzle your venue. Whether outrageous, elegant, traditional or trendy, Kim's obsession for detail will make your event rise above the mundane.

Committed to exeptional customer service by reputation and impeccable southern style with a cosmo flair, Kim can add a twist to your affair that will be forever remembered. Expect the extraordinary!